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Happy House of Hentai

Anime, Manga, Hello Kitty, News from Japan. New show every Sunday.


Starting in January 2006, the Happy House of Hentai is the longest running podcast focusing on hentai anime and manga. The Happy House of Hentai provides reviews on both recent and classic hentai shows, news stories from all over the world that are usually hentai in nature, news and reviews of Sanrio's Hello Kitty products, as well as convention coverage and reports, all delivered with a strange comedic twist.


Milk Junkie & Tigerkirara

Milk (aka Lord Kaosu) is the founder of Happy House of Hentai, responsible for show creation and maintenance. He became interested in anime and hentai back in 1992 and it's been a dark road.

Milk's Twitter / Milk's MAL / Milk's Trakt


Tigerkirara can be found playing FFXIV or mobile games. At any other time she's addicted to manga & manwha. She was a fan that joined the Happy House of Hentai in 2021.

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