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Happy House of Hentai

Anime, Manga, Hello Kitty, News from Japan. New show every Sunday.

May 10, 2021

Welcome back to the Happy House of Hentai. Tiger is coming in remotely but that doesn't stop the hentai reviews.


Featured Podcast:

Firebreathing Kittens


Hentai News:

Man Suspected of Swindling 35 Girlfriends

Tokyo Cops Bust Prostitute Scam

The Fellatio Cafe

Hentai Addict Sentenced to 1 Year Prison in Australia


Hello Kitty Time:

Hello Kitty Launches Collaboration with When They Cry

Hello Kitty Funko Pop Blitz Collaboration

Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures season 2


Hentai Reviews:

How I Came to Like My Male Friend

Fairy Forest Remi-Chan


Thanks for tuning in, see you next show!